Research Fields

The Discoveries Centre will bring together the best research groups in Portugal in the regenerative and precision medicine fields. The complementary knowledge of these teams coupled with the high-level competences of UCL researchers, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment and unique infrastructure available at the Centre will allow the new institution to perform excellent research.

The Discoveries Centre will focus on multi-disciplinary research that can be translated into the development of innovative tools and applications for the prevention and treatment of a group of disorders, namely musculoskeletal, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

The research and development performed by the Centre will be grouped in 6 different research units:

  • Stem Cells – stem cell sources, stem cell isolation, cellular reprogramming, modulations and differentiation, stem cell engineering and cell expansion; bioreactors for stem cell differentiation and expansion; stem cell isolation and purification processes; stem cell based therapies; stem cell transplantation; platforms to improve stem cell survival after transplantation;
  • Regenerative Medicine – immunomodulation, immunology and inflammation; injectable and non-invasive systems, strategies for the stimulation of cells; surfaces and microfluidics; regenerative niches; non-invasive monitoring strategies; modelling of tissue units, among others;
  • Advanced Therapies – advanced medicinal products; modified stem cells and viral vectors for gene therapies, iPSCs approaches, among others;
  • Nanomedicine, Tissue Engineering and Disease Models – nanomaterials, growth factors, biopharmaceuticals; biomaterials; scaffolds; tissue engineering based disease models; in vitro 3D organ models and experimental animal models of diseases, among others;
  • Systems Biology and Lab-on-a-chip – molecular and computational modelling; imaging and diagnostic tools; IT health technologies and information management; bioinformatics; stem cell in vitro systems for drug screening and toxicology studies; creation of new bio-chips, among others;
  • Pre-clinical and Translational Research – GMP models; personalized health care providing; surgical sciences; patient oriented clinical research, among others.